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Nsibidi Collection

Nsibidi aims to create actively trendy street wears while drawing inspiration from its African roots. Nsibidi represents an ancient Cross Riverian Language that communicates via unique symbols and gestures. These symbols are now categorized under the Nsibidi collection to represent a rich cultural heritage as well as integrate that culture into a trendy, fashionable statement and Ready to Wear Collection. The categories under this collection are:

  • Unify: Strength, Union, and Togetherness. All these are the symbolic representation of Unify. This brand is meant to instigate the feeling of camaraderie amongst all who wear the brand.  
  • Tune: The ability for music to communicate has been an age-long tradition so it isn’t far-fetched that one of such symbols is seen in this collection. With the headphone over the Tune symbol, we are ready to create a fusion of this enigmatic way of communication and the hip music community.
  • Mask: Mysterious, puzzling, thrilling, all the wonders of the one in the mask. The mask triggers the search to find one’s self and all its uniqueness
  • Protekt: Actively seeking to shelter and preserve the uniqueness of Nsibidi by connecting its mysteries to popular street trends we all can relate with.
  • Nsibidi: The language of symbols itself is illustrated in this apparel. The secret and thrilling means of sending encoded messages are all represented in one stylish fabric. Nsibidi is communique, style, and Belonging.
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